About Us

About Us

River Church is a Christian Church in Brownsville Texas whose doors are open to the community. We are Christ-centered, making much of Jesus together.

Our Distinctives

  1. Preach Grace
  2. Prize Community
  3. Practice Compassion
  4. Plant Churches

What We Value

  1. We value the Gospel above all else. Gospel centrality will mark every aspect of River Church. Jesus calls us to submission. Jesus calls us to mission. Neither is possible in the life of a believer unless the Gospel is present in our lives ever day. The Gospel is our power for both salvation and sanctification. We need the cross ever day of our lives. Dr. Phil can modify our behavior. Only Jesus can change our hearts.
  2. We value a lifestyle of worship (submission to Jesus) and believe idolatry is at the root of our broken lives. As long as we believe the lie that something or someone else is sweeter and more satisfying than Jesus, we will continue to live in brokenness.
  3. We value cooperation over competition. We would rather partner with other’s efforts than duplicate a good work already being done.
  4. We value simplicity.
  5. We value training up and sending out young men for the sake of Gospel proclamation in Brownsville and South Texas.
  6. We value families and will never call people to ministry at the expense of their families.
  7. We value brevity in adolescence and will call youth to grow up, get married and lead earlier rather than later.


River Church was formed in the fall of 2012 as a small group of believers in Brownsville and Los Fresnos meeting for prayer in Pastor Randy and Lydia’s living room. We love Brownsville and Los Fresnos and wanted to create a place for believers to find community and share their faith in Christ with friends. We were originally formed under the authority of a temporary Leadership Team and are now led by our four River Church pastors/elders. We value being led by a team of pastors and find great safety and collective wisdom in this approach. We joined the Acts 29 Network in 2014.  Acts 29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches.